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G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout Looks Like A Surprisingly Good Game! 



We had a surprise announcement from IGN and it feels like a very random game. AMERICAN SOLDIER. Joe hasn’t really been around since the last movie. We had rumors that more movies were coming, but that never seemed to happen. Then there was also the huge disappointment of the last movie. Now with G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout, it seems that they are immersing themselves fully in the world of video games. It’s new terrain, as the last game is a cinematic tie-in and we all know how it went. There have been some classics back in the day, but that’s it for G.I Joe games.

Inspiration from the cartoon

Fortunately, the game seems to forget about the movies and take it back to its roots. This is the original 80s cartoon and will follow both sides of Team Joe and Cobra. It is also heavily inspired by the popular graphic novel from the ’80s. This will be fully announced in the DC fandom. We’ve already had a decent-sized trailer, so it’s unknown how much information we’ll get from DC fandom. Maybe it could be released alongside a new show?

Campaign and multiplayer modes.

It seems like a lot of detail has been put into this two-sided campaign game and it includes a full multiplayer mode. The campaign will have 18 missions following 12 different characters. Then there is online multiplayer with classic modes like Capture the Flag and King of the Hill. All of this is played in the third person and all characters have their own abilities at all times. We’ll have more information on DC Fandom on the 22nd.

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