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Gabby Petito Murder: Update As New Info About Brian Laundrie’s Belongings Comes Out



Yesterday, the coroner was called to Florida’s Myakkahatchee Environmental Park because it looks like things belonging to Brian Laundrie were found inside the park. However so far nothing else was found, or at least nothing that the Coroner’s office has issued any further statement about.

The park is now closed to outside visitors while the FBI continues to conduct their search within the park’s parameters. So far it looks like Brian is still on the run and has not been found, although the FBI found a lookalike on the appalachian trail a few days ago who happened to be out hiking with his girlfriend and held him at gunpoint.

Brian Laundrie’s belongings found?

When the man was proven not to be Laundrie, the agent advised that he shave off his beard, at least for the time being.

The police have said that as far as the case goes, Laundrie’s parents aren’t really being helpful at all. They also aren’t making themselves look very good either. Life has gone on for the Laundries like nothing happened. Just yesterday they were spotted out at a walmart getting groceries and then they went to a UPS store.

Funny, I wonder who on earth would need groceries sent to them via UPS? Maybe the FBI needs to subpoena the UPS store and get the address and see just what the Laundries were sending to whom. That might give them some clue as to where Brian might be, but I’m sure they’ve already thought of that.

A few days ago, a protester put a sign out on the Laundrie’s front yard with the question, “What if this happened to Cassie?” that seemed to set Chris Laundrie off and he was seen storming out onto the lawn and removing the sign. While it does beg an excellent question, it could also be construed as a threat.

So far Cassie Laundrie is, from what we can see largely not involved but we do know that she and her parents were advised not to talk about Brian, which is just odd because when something like this happens its normal for families to talk, its an essential part of healing for families to talk and remember their loved ones especially if they are truly gone, like they’ve been trying to paint the picture that Brian is truly gone for the past few weeks.

But that doesn’t quite feel genuine and something feels a bit too “business as usual” for these people. If we didn’t know better we might would suspect that perhaps something like this had happened before and this wasn’t their first time covering up for their son, perhaps not murder but maybe something more minor.

A former co-worker recently came forward and described their experience working with Brian, “He was a weirdo.” They described him as a yoga nut, who was always “worried about his zen”, but for someone who was so worried about zen, the co-worker said that he also had a tendency to flip out and get angry really quick.

They also said that Laundrie had a really charming personality on the flip side and could sell any product that they had in the store.

It’s not uncommon for someone who has narcissistic personality traits to have these sorts of double personalities, one side that they let the public see and the other side that they let the people closest to them see.

Ironically, they had met Gabby before and said they felt the only reason she “settled for him” (interesting choice of words there), was because he had said that he wanted to travel like she did and had even mentioned that he wanted to visit all the national parks.

So far Brian Laundrie has not been found, but perhaps that isn’t too far off with his belongings being in one place. We at DSD will keep you updated. Stay tuned!

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