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Gabriela Pugliesi denies Erasmo Viana about the reason for the breakup and exposes a series of his betrayals: ‘More dirty things’



This Monday evening (18), in “A Fazenda 13”, Erasmo Viana spoke again about the end of her marriage with Gabriela Pugliesi. According to UOL, during a conversation with MC Gui and Tati Quebra Barraco, the entrepreneur said that the discovery of messages exchanged between him and a friend, four years ago after a bachelor party, would have resulted in his divorce. with the muse of fitness in February. .

“The fact that led to our breakup was a little advice, a trigger, a hesitation on my part, a silly thing. [Ela] I discovered an old thing of mine, a hesitation of mine. I went to a friend’s bachelor party in Salvador a month after we started our relationship. She took my Instagram, saw one of my conversations with this brother, a conversation from four years ago “, he said, without revealing the content of these captured messages.

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Gabriela, on the other hand, said the story is not true. “Liar !!! You still have the courage to expose me by telling more lies!, commented the influencer, in an Instagram post from Hugo Gloss. In an article on the “Queen Matos” page, Pugliesi said he had no knowledge of the bachelor party and accused Erasmus of a series of betrayals – one of them was reportedly produced before the wedding and the other, at Christmas 2020.

“” Bachelor party in the first month of dating. ” Lie ! If there was that, then I’m just finding out now. He cheated on me 3 months before our wedding and every time I went to Salvador. Cheated on me on Christmas last year when I was trying to get a son all screwed up in my head. And there were other dirtier things that I don’t even want to talk about. But since he lies so much and exposed me to the lie of Brazil, I need to defend myself ”, Pull.

(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Also during the conversation with the other pawns, Viana even said that the relationship between the couple was “worn out”, after several unsuccessful attempts by them to become parents. “Corn [o relacionamento] it was already worn out, the fact that we couldn’t get pregnant anymore, because it was God’s business… We were going through a year to have a child, more than a year in fact , to undergo all kinds of treatment, spend a lot of money ”, he pointed out.

The Bahian, according to UOL, also said the two were about to invest all the money they had in a new home: “We bought a house on the side where we lived, we lived in a rental house, we had financed the bank, a house of 6 pau. I was going to give all my money, she too, we were going to make the investment of life, the funding had already been approved, all the papers for the house had been signed, we were about to have children and God said: ‘It is not to be’. It was really fucked up “.

All of these claims, however, were refuted by Pugliesi. “About the money spent on insemination, buying a house, etc., he didn’t even have to talk because he didn’t spend a real one. And it’s okay, it’s okay. This does not come to say that PEOPLE spent it. And whatever happens, I will deny it. Oh, and really Erasmus: God knows what he’s doing! if you know ! It saved me from a cold… Of course, it was no wonder I didn’t get pregnant, it was thanks to God ”, she finished. WL! To verify:

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Pugliesi evacuates and exposes ex Erasmo Viana (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Erasmus and Gabriela’s relationship ended in February of the same year. At the time, the face of fitness had explained that the divorce was necessary after a “serious mistake” on the part of the partner at the time. The Bahian, in turn, denied betraying the influencer and also dismissed rumors that the fulcrum of the split was another man.

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