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Galisteu says the farmer’s test will be lucky



Host Adriane Galisteu gave some details about the peasant event taking place tonight in “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV). In some Instagram stories, she said that all “roceiros” have an equal chance of winning.

“What about that farmer’s test today, eh?” Damn it ! I’ll give a spoiler here: it’s a test of luck and any of the three can win, both Aline, Day and Victor, ”Adriane said.

“There is nothing like one having more advantages than the other. It’s a test of luck, “the host repeated.” Oh, how nervous! Who’s coming back with the hat today, guys?

Dayane Mello, Aline Mineiro, Victor Pecoraro and Gui Araujo are at the farm this week. Bill, however, was banned from taking the farmer’s test. Whoever wins the hat today will get rid of the harness and go home as a new farmer.

According to the survey of UOL, Victor Pecoraro is preferred to win the race.

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Antonio Chahestian / Record TV


Antonio Chahestian / Record TV


Antonio Chahestian / Record TV

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