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Game-making game SuperMash is now available on Steam



Developer Digital Continue threw SuperMash, his hit game that makes games, on Steam. Starting today, Steam players can start generating two genres of video games, called “Mashes,” to create an endless number of unexpected genre hybrids. SuperMash Deluxe Edition will include the game and a 111-song soundtrack. The soundtrack can also be purchased separately. The base game will retail for $ 19.99 with a 10% introductory discount and SuperMash Deluxe Edition will have a 25% introductory discount.

Along with mixing genres, each new game creation comes with mechanics known as “glitches” that create unpredictable scenarios for players to overcome. Players also control certain elements of what they play by applying development cards, which represent various characters, enemies, environments, and more.

In SuperMash, players can:

  • Mix six unique 2D game genres including Metrovania, Shoot’em Up, Stealth, Platformer, JRPG, and Action Adventure. Each can be combined with itself or with one of the other genres.
  • Further customize the generated Mashes with collectible in-game development cards, which allow them to choose characters, enemies, worlds, and more every time they play.
  • Run a video game store filled with retro game hybrids created by gamers.
  • Share their favorite combinations with the world thanks to unique codes generated for each Mash.

SuperMash is available for purchase on Steam. SuperMash is already available on the Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store, Xbox Games Store, or Nintendo eShop for $ 19.99.

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