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Games Workshop Previews Dragon Cult Acolytes for Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game



February 23, 2021 by Polar_Bear

Human civilizations extend across all of Middle-earth. One of the groups that had a role to play in the events of the the Lord of the Rings trilogy but we don’t see too many people from the East. But soon these warriors will be heading to the battlefields of Middle-earth strategic battle game. In this preview, take a first look at the Dragon Cult Acolytes.

From the preview:

Welcome to Road Goes Ever On and On, a new series of articles on the future of the strategic fighting game and what’s to come for fans of Middle-earth. In this article, we’re joined by Middle-Earth Rules writer Jay Clare to talk about the mysterious and obscure individuals we teased you on New Years Eve. Who could they be? Jay to tell us more.

Jay: At the end of last year, we presented a little teaser of three silhouetted models for the Middle-earth strategic fighting game. Since then, speculation has been filled with what they might be. As many people have correctly deduced, these models are a whole new unit for the Easterlings – the Dragon Cult Acolytes! But who are they really?


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