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Garden of Giants RPG Up On Kickstarter



May 03, 2021 by Polar_Bear

I love the gardens. Places of peace and tranquility where well-kept spaces make you feel … good. And this is where you come in Giants Garden. A magical garden has been abandoned and the creatures that inhabit it have since become sensitive. Play their life in this RPG which is now available on Kickstarter.

In the countryside:

Garden of the Giants is a tabletop role-playing game set in a magical garden abandoned by its original inhabitants. Left on their own, the animals have acquired a sensibility and a culture in their place and now lead what they think are ordinary lives within the isolated stone walls.

Standing high and abandoned by the creators of the Garden is the Interior, a cursed house full of ancient secrets and a source of great power: the Crown.

But where there is power, there are those who would hold it. Those who hold the crown corrupt the garden with their ambitions and designs. It is up to the mice, our protagonists embodied by the players, to overthrow the Crown and restore harmony to the Garden.

Garden of the Giants tells stories similar to those you’ll find in children’s literature, tales of magical realms and self-discovery against wicked plots or disaster. You play the game as brave mice, who seek to end the tyranny of the Crown and its corrupting influence.

Garden of the Giants offers 14 different scenarios (14 different crowns) to play and 20 different storylines (each filled with interesting locations and compelling complications) to challenge your heroes. The game also includes rules and a design philosophy for modifying the plots or creating your own.

The game is designed to make play easier and give the players (who take on the role of the protagonists) and the gardener (who takes the role of the Garden and its inhabitants) the tools they need to build stories together, even if they’ve never role-played before. Garden of the Giants is a perfect game for young audiences, families, and anyone who enjoys fantasy tales!

The campaign hit its fundraising goal in 24 days.


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