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Get Ready for Season 1 of COD Mobile Again!



CODM Season 13 is almost at an end. This season has brought players a ton of exciting new content for the game, including the EMP system scorestreak and the new weapon, Peacekeeper MK2. Players are already eagerly awaiting the content of the next season and the date of its release. However, Activision has something else in mind. Instead of going the usual route and releasing Season 14, they plan to refresh the season number to Season 1.

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CODM season count reset

According to the community update released on January 15, 2021, Activision announced that instead of continuing with the usual season numbers, they will be updating the season number for 2021.

This means that Season 14 will be named Season 1. The developers are hoping it will be straightforward as they will release an official announcement next week on the content of Season 1 coming up with the trailer for the upcoming season.

The community update also stated that while waiting for the coming season, players can enjoy these events which will last until the end of season 13;

  • 01/14 ~ All seasonal challenges are now available
  • 01/15 – 01/17 ~ Winning bonus (ranked mode)
  • Solo Shield will also be enabled for players ranked as Solo.
  • 01/15 – 01/26 ~ Snow day (BR)
  • 01/15 – 01/26 ~ Extra, Extra! (MP)

Content for the upcoming CODM season

There isn’t much news regarding content for the upcoming season other than two new weapons leaked by data miners. The two new guns are the FR 5.56, the in-game version of the FAMAS assault rifle, and the SKS Marksman rifle.

Earlier this week, they also released a new game mode on the public test server called “Attack of the Undead 20”, a 20-player version of the 10-player game “Attack of the Undead”. next season.

A new card could also arrive at CODM next season. The “Rebirth” map was released in the Season 13 test version, but was not included in the official Season 13 version of the game. It could make its way into the next season.

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Each new season marks exciting new content for players. Activision will be pushing its upcoming content to gamers in the coming days. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the upcoming CODM Season 1.

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