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Get the latest details on Resident Evil Village, including Lady Dimitrescu



Despite the impending release of Resident Evil Village On May 7, much of the attention and mystery still surrounds one of the game’s most prominent characters. There is no escaping Lady Dimitrescu in the commercialization of Resident Evil VillageAnd for good reason. The towering vampire will likely play a central role in the game, and some new gameplay videos have given us a preview.

Based on what has been shown, the queen will stalk players in all sections of the game. If you have had the pleasure of being chased by Mr. X in the Resident Evil 2 remake, you know the feeling.

What makes encounters even scarier in Resident Evil Village it is the fact that Lady Dimitrescu prevails like hell. Her tall stature dominates everyone around her, and her long, sharp claws are not to be played with. It seems your only option is to run. Perhaps unloading his supply of ammunition could cause Lady Dimitrescu to stumble. However, she will definitely get up and chase you even more.

Considering the different environments that you will explore along with puzzles to solve and other enemies to defeat, the arrival of Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters to Resident Evil Village it will certainly be a problem.

Everything you need to know about Resident Evil Village, including Lady Dimitrescu (3)

Bells and whistles

In addition to details on the internet’s favorite vampire lady, the PlayStation blog post also delved into other aspects of Resident Evil Village that are of interest.

First, Capcom changed two of the pillars of the franchise. You will see a health bar that will appear and disappear from the screen if there is any change. If you need a quick update, you can appear in the pause menu to see your health. Also, the tape recorders are gone. Resident Evil 7Instead, you’ll save games with the classic typewriter. No ink ribbons required to save money.

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As you progress in Resident Evil Village, our hero Ethan Winters will collect discovered maps and files. These will help develop the world even more. Ethan’s journal will also be filled with sketches, allowing you to get a quick rundown of what’s going on and where to head next. The maps have exterior and interior tabs, as well as a more interesting underground section.

The blog post also details the enemies you will face in addition to Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village. Lycans will be the main threat in the game and will often attack in packs. They can even carry weapons and, what is more incredible, ride horses.

Everything You Need to Know About Resident Evil Village, Including Lady Dimitrescu (2)

The town serves as a hub, a place where you can find collectibles, and areas to explore. Find the right tools and you can open more paths to progress. In a nod to Resident Evil 4You can even change items to lock doors and windows if you find yourself in danger in the village. Sometimes you can even find other survivors. Helping them will certainly do you good.

Capcom is definitely doing its best when it comes to Resident Evil Village. Nor would we want it any other way. Time to make Ethan a hero.

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