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Ghost of Tsushima guide: 5 tips for being the best samurai



Ghost of Tsushima finally came out and we’ve been playing it for about 3 weeks. With that amount of playtime under our belts, we believe we truly understand the way of the samurai. This Ghost of Tsushima guide will teach you our best tips and tricks to help you master your sword and be the deadliest force on Tsushima Island.

Knowing your postures

Ghost of tsushima

In Ghost of Tsushima, your ability to be efficient in combat depends on your stance. You have four positions, each against a specific enemy type. You can use all of this on any enemy, but some work better than others. When you start the game, you will only have one stance and it will only work against the swordsman.

These poses allow you to use heavy attacks that stagger specific enemies. They will be completely vulnerable to attack, making it incredibly easy to remove pesky soldiers from the shield.

As you kill the “leaders” (large armored enemies in outposts and missions), you will gain new postures. It’s pretty easy to unlock almost all poses quite quickly, which you should do. Just go to outposts and without alerting anyone, find the leader. Climb onto a roof above them or hide behind something near them, then listen to them. Examining leaders before killing them gives you one point to get closer to a new posture.

Once you have done this, go kill and you will get another point for a stance. This allows for a two-in-one situation, making this trait incredibly fast to level up. Respectively, you will unlock a position for enemies with shields, then throws, and then brutes.

In short, kill as many leaders in the first act of the game as you can. It will make things easier for you.

Survive boss battles in Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of tsushima

Boss battles in Ghost of Tsushima are difficult because you can’t run away and your space is limited. You must master the balance between aggression and being defensive. Understand your surroundings, most boss battles take place in a circular arena-like space. That means when you have to dodge, try as hard as you can to move sideways. If you stray too far, you could catch yourself.

Many bosses mainly fight heavy attacks that cannot be blocked (red flashes) that can end with one or two hits. They tend to have 2 or 3 of these, learn them. They usually have key animations that can prepare you so that you know you shouldn’t try to block them and that you can get out of the way. If you are fighting someone with a sword, they will generally sheathe it and hold the handle before attacking you. Gain some distance, they will tend to attack a few times.

If you are close to death and you have no resolution left, it is much better to play defense than offense. When you see the opportunity to block and stop an attack, you can get a little resolution. Doing this only a few times will allow you to regain your health and stay in the fight.

Using your environment to your advantage

Ghost of tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is a melee combat game. That said, it has all sorts of other tools, including throwables and a bow and arrow. There are all kinds of environmental hazards that you can use to defeat enemies quickly and efficiently.

Remarkably, there are these accessories with burning logs hanging all over the place. Sometimes they are in watchtowers that can take out archers who inspect the area. Sometimes they are suspended over combat encounters and can burn large groups, killing or injuring them in the process. Look out for these and make good use of them by shooting them with arrows.

There are also explosive barrels that can be lit with arrows or hit with your sword. Larger base towers will also have large turrets, something you’ll use at key moments in history. However, don’t be fooled, those moments in history give you unlimited ammo, but when you find them in the open world, they have limited quantities.

Understanding Solve

Ghost of tsushima

If you don’t know what Resolve is, it’s the circles in the corner of your screen. These circles can be used to heal you, resuscitate you, and for special moves. While those special moves can instantly kill an enemy, you can waste something that could heal you in battle. Use it wisely, especially at first when you don’t have much. You can get more resolution by leveling up and completing the bamboo punches found in the open world.

As noted above, you can also easily regenerate Resolve by countering / stopping attacks perfectly.

Make the mythical tales

Ghost of tsushima

For heaven’s sake, the Mythical Tales (blue quest markers) in Ghost of Tsushima will make your life easier. These missions will offer you new weapons like explosive bows, special moves, and more. You can even hover over the icons on the map or in the quest menu to see what rewards you’ll get if you want something specific.

These are also some of the most interesting side quests in the game. You will see some fantastic pieces, you will go to places that would not be seen otherwise, and more. These missions are usually triggered by finding a musician in a specific region that will start him on his adventure. If you are struggling to find them, go to the nearest city and an NPC will tell you where to find them.

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