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Ghost of Tsushima – Review (Minor Spoilers)



After playing the game for a stupid time how long it’s been gone, it’s time to check this out. Ghost of Tsushima takes place in the first Mongol invasion.

At the height of the samurai era, you play Jin, a samurai who has been trained by his uncle. After a long tutorial, we are thrown into the open world area of ​​Tsushima to fight the Mongols who are trying to take over the island.

The combat feels very similar to the Batman Arkham series. While completely different with the high focus on sword combat.

However, stealth also feels the same way and it seems like they really didn’t change enough there to make it feel different. However, it is still very enjoyable for multiple reasons.

I don’t think I can find anything wrong, but I will …

One of the reasons combat doesn’t get really boring is because of its deep progression. With many different abilities to add to your arsenal at all times.

Its progressive system is set to the correct speed with which you can unlock things through missions, making it impossible to unlock certain things without completely certain missions. This makes the game feel different from the others.

The only bad thing I could find is the lack of skills to block your opponent and the camera is also quite difficult to adapt due to this. This ruins many fights with enemies. That is why the rating is low since combat is the majority of the game.

The story is good but I am not talking about spoilers. It is the combat and the beautiful environment that places this game so high in the rankings. There is not much to find that is bad, as it is a very fun game.

Ghost of Tsushima takes many elements from other games. That’s not a bad thing as it seems to improve everything that is needed. The gameplay is simple to some degree, but it has enough depth and unlockable features to keep you entertained.

The beautiful environment is enough to make you feel like you should pack and live in Japan. Although there are some very small setbacks. Ghost of Tsushima is arguably one of the best on PS4 and a great way to end a fantastic chapter in gaming.

Rating: 8.8

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