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Ghost Recon Breakpoint details AI Teammates and new Event



During the recent Ubisoft Forward pre-show, the big game publisher has shared plenty of new details about their multiplayer open-world action title Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The biggest of those is the addition of AI Teammates for gamers who want to experience the game in solo mode. Check out the trailer for that here!

Leave it to Ubisoft to turn around a ship that’s steered towards the cliffs. Time and time again has the large game company proven that actions speak louder than words by listening to fan feedback and taking criticism to heart. Rainbow Six Siege is the best example of this.

AI teammates are coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint along with a host of other improvements, updates, and a new live event, Resistance. Title Update 2.0.1, coming July 15, will introduce a menu option enabling you to play with a full team of AI Ghosts at your side to follow your orders, execute sync shots, and potentially revive you when things get hairy. AI teammates can be fully customized, both in terms of physical attributes and gear, as well as their main weapon, which affects how they tackle enemy forces.

And now, it sure looks like Ghost Recon Breakpoint is following the same footsteps. When it initially came out, the game became the laughingstock of the internet for its many bugs, awful microtransactions, and general regression from the awesome predecessor Wildlands.

Many of these points have been massively improved and with the introduction of AI Teammates, solo players finally have the perfect excuse to give Breakpoint a try. The free update will go live this Wednesday and introduces three AI companions that can be extensively customized to your liking. Alongside this, a large command menu will be added that will allow players to give precise orders in the heat of battle.

What better way to use these exciting new tools at your fingertips than a new event? One day after the AI Teammates will be added, the Resistance live event will ask solo gamers to make good use of them. Gamers who rather play with actual people in co-op will of course be able to play it, too! The event will run until July 29 and will introduce missions to help out the friendly Outcasts NPC faction.

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