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Gkay talks in “Saia Justa” about struggling to fit into a pattern



Guest of yesterday’s “Saia Justa” (GNT), the digital influencer Gkay, 29, spoke about her struggle to ‘fit in’ pre-established beauty standards and how she freed herself from it.

“When I say ‘let me be ugly alone’, it’s because people think my behavior is ugly, my way of dressing ugly, my makeup ugly, my procedures ugly, but I don’t think so. Leave me there, you know?”, declared the influencer.

“I’m so happy. It pleases me, it’s my way, there’s no way. I’ve fought it all my life, I’ve really tried to fit in, but I couldn’t, it’s my way, there’s no way to fight it. what I am,” continued Gkay.

I think I’m a very out of the box person. I say what I want, I say it loud, I get to joke with everyone and people always try to fit us women into that box of the incredible, beautiful, well-behaved woman who has waves in her hair and that long hair. It’s not wrong either, but it’s not me and it’s no use trying to be that person I never managed to be. Gkay

Recently, she had already said that she no longer intends to undergo plastic interventions.

Gkay also told how “Farofa” came about.

“I’ve never had a birthday party and the one that frustrated me the most was the 15th birthday party, because I already had teenage issues, not being a princess and all that,” she explained.

“When I started on the internet, a friend of mine said ‘Let’s have a barter party of yours’. Then he jokingly talked about Gkay’s dance. At the time, people called me a farofeira, because I was always at parties. joking: ‘Let’s put Farofa da Gkay’. I never imagined it”, he said, laughing.

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