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Globo duty interrupts programming and death of famous is confirmed



Globo duty confirmed death of famous singer

It is not news to anyone that one of the best-known vignettes on Brazilian television is the famous Globo TV show. Over the past decade, the station’s programming has had to be hastily taken down and traditional music comes on the air to announce that some fatality or urgent news has happened.

At the end of last year, for example, Globo’s duty rushed in to report the death of Marília Mendonça. The singer died on November 5, 2021, when she was on a private plane on her way to a show in the interior of Minas Gerais. The aircraft crashed near a waterfall.

It is worth remembering that the Globo duty came to report that Marília Mendonça was doing well, even with the shocking images of the accident. It turns out that some misinformation reached the production team. However, news of her death came later, when the Fire Department team was at the scene.

The famous, who was at the height of her career, left a young son, Leo, the mother, and a younger brother, who she was launching in music as well. The shocking news of Marília Mendonça’s death reverberated throughout Brazil. Given this, she won several honors on TV, including Globo in numerous programs.

Marília Mendonça died tragically (Photo: Reproduction)
Marília Mendonça died tragically (Photo: Reproduction)

Pope’s death

The world stopped on April 2, 2005, when the death of the Pope John Paul II, after the pontiff suffered a generalized infection. THE Globe climbed none other than Fátima Bernardes to pass the information to Brazilians through a Duty that caused the clergy to shiver.

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“The pontiff’s state of health has deteriorated a lot since Thursday night, because of a urinary infection that caused a high fever and a drop in pressure, and ended up evolving into a generalized infection with organ failure, such as the kidneys”, said the journalist in the newspaper. occasion, in a serious tone and with haste in the newsroom of the “Jornal Nacional”.

William Bonner was in charge of narrating the report prepared by Globo to announce the death of Pope John Paul II, who was the first non-Italian to command the Vatican in 500 years. “The boy knew poverty and the pain of separation. He lost his hand at age 9,” the anchor said in the excerpt.

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