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Globo fires José Hamilton Ribeiro and Fantastico’s secret reporter



Two journalists who made careers at Rede Globo were fired from the network today: José Hamilton Ribeiro, who had worked in Globo journalism for over 40 years – with appearances in “Fantástico”, “Globo Repórter” and “Globo Rural – and Eduardo Faustini, investigative journalist for “Fantástico”.

splash found that the disconnects were friendly and caused a commotion at the station. The broadcaster has cut costs to alleviate the pandemic crisis. Rede Globo confirmed the disconnections in a note sent to splash and reinforced that the two left after a friendly conversation: “The two left by mutual agreement after a great trajectory on television.”

After working at “Folha de S. Paulo”, José Hamilton’s first job for Globo was as a freelance writer in a report broadcast by “Globo Rural” on the occasion of its first year of existence, in 1981. L The following year, he became a freelance writer on the permanent team of the program.

Eduardo Faustini became known as the

Eduardo Faustini was known as the “secret journalist” of “Fantástico” on Globo

Image: Reproduction

In 2006, she received the Maria Moors Cabot Award, from Columbia University, one of the most important journalism awards in the United States. He was one of the winners in the category Exceptional in Latin America, which honors professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to press freedom and an understanding of inter-American relations.

In more than 60 years of journalism, José Hamilton Ribeiro says he has learned three things: “First, we dye the olives black; second, in bathrooms, in general, the hot water tap is on the left; third, a snake egg, it does not come out canarinho. The rest, I learn every day.

In the 1960s, the journalist lost his leg after stepping on a landmine during the Vietnam War.

Among his main reports are “Trilha da Onça”, “A tour through Vietnam”, “The cycle of tropeirismo”, “The work of the Bakairi Indians” and a scientific investigation of the Paraguay River.

Edouard Faustini

Edward already Faustini earned the nickname “The Secret Reporter” from Fantástico, and has been with Globo since 1996. He has never shown his face on television to preserve his physical integrity, but, despite this, he has already been threatened during investigations .

He made reports that led to the arrest of the Prime Minister’s former colonel, accused of leading death squads, Hildebrando Pascoal. He also discovered cases of explicit corruption on the part of suppliers in the prefecture of São Gonçalo, corruption cases in Rondônia.

Another prominent case was the special “Dirty War Diary”, which showed the struggle between the police and drug traffickers in Rio.

In 2014, another series of reporting debuted in “Fantástico”, titled “Where is the money that was here? Where he investigates complaints about tax discrepancies.

Globo crisis

As Splash columnist Guilherme Ravache reported, Globo closed the first half of 2021 with a loss of 144 million reais. This number represents a deterioration of 122% from 2020, when the company suffered a loss of R $ 51 million during the same period.

The negative result attracts attention, since since 2019 the company has carried out continuous reductions of employees.

In recent months, the number of stars leaving Globo seems to have accelerated. Faustão, Tiago Leifert, Lázaro Ramos, Ingrid Guimarães, Vera Fischer, Antônio Fagundes and Reynaldo Gianecchini are among the recent victims.

Ricardo Feltrin, in his column on Splash, points out that the broadcaster had the worst bope rates, the highest sales and the lowest net profit.

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