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Gold Club Wasteland Is Headed For Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC In August



After humanity has fallen, the Earth is left with only massive landscapes that act as a playground for those who are left. Naturally, these have become gold courses for the Golf Club Wasteland to enjoy. This is a unique spin on a classic golfing experience that travels to the end of the world for some recreation.

Similar to Golf With Your Friends, the game is a mini-golf-styled experience. Players can play on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in August once the title releases. Enter a land where 99% of humanity has died, and all that is left are the 1% who made it to Mars. Earth is left as an occasional vacation for a round or two of golf in this strange future.

This is, of course, a luxury left only for the super-rich. Travel to strange abandoned locations and golf across multiple challenging maps. From cities to abandoned factories, players have the entire world to enjoy in their golfing experience.

The backdrop of this title is filled with details as to the story that unfolded on Earth. As players travel to each hole, they slowly will find brutalist monuments, abandoned museums, and neon signs all hinting at the world’s downfall.

Using these sources, players are supplemented by the lone golfer’s story along with radio broadcasts and the narration of a spectator. Piece together the final story and discover what actually happened on the surface of Earth.

On top of the already deep story, experience is a well-composed soundtrack that caters to the citizens of Mars. Nostalgic to Earth music, this new vibe is followed by a smooth-voiced DJ who updates players on the going on’s at Mars and political news about the future.

The game plays in three distinct modes for every type of golfer. Some players can just enjoy the story and follow the relaxing round of golf, but an extra challenging puzzle mode is available for skill-based players. Meanwhile, Pros can try Iron Mode, which is a zero-room for error experience.

Enjoy minimalistic controls, a simple UI, and an easy-to-pick-up game experience. This is a calming and relaxing title, and it is designed for only veteran golfers or avid gamers to sit back and relax.

This title is good for users of all ages. All copies to this title include a digital Golf Club: Wasteland soundtrack and Graphic Novel Art Book explaining the lone golfer’s backstory.

Golf Club: Wasteland is available on Steam from Demagog Studio in August.

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