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Graciele Lacerda shows the baby’s room in her triplex cover with Zezé



Digital influencer Graciele Lacerda and singer Zezé Di Camargo have reserved a special space for their future son

the digital influencer Gracièle Lacerda and the singer Zeze di Camargo are about to move to a luxury triplex penthouse in São Paulo. The place is undergoing a major renovation that took over a year. But now the place is in the home stretch, with the furniture already in place.

Gracièle Lacerda he showed his room with Zezé Di Camargo and also the location that will be the baby’s future room. The couple’s future son or daughter bedroom is right across from Graciele’s closet, with the couple’s bedroom next to the closet.

Showing her bedroom, closet and the bedroom of her unborn baby, the digital influencer said, “I don’t know the last time I showed the apartment, but I’m in the apartment and I’m going to show what is being prepared is in the furniture section. First I went in and I got moved and now I am going to show you my bedroom and my bathroom. Here in the bedroom there is still a lot to come, here there is a TV and a fireplace, look what a chic thing! Here is the closet of the mille, it was beautiful! This is the hallway, this little room later will belong to the baby and here is my closet! “, she declared.

Zezé Di Camargo’s fiancee was moved by her closet and said it would be the first time she has had a closet. “People, what a beautiful thing! Oh, I never had a closet! I am delighted, in love. This is going to be the place where I will stay the most because that little bench over there will be for me to do my makeup, work, do my things, do everything, a nice fluffy rug will come here. It will be the closet of my dreams, that I have always dreamed of having. I think everyone has embraced my dream, it’s so good when people are made aware of what you are dreaming about, you want to, wow, I’m really moved, it’s beautiful! “She said .

Gracièle Lacerda showed that the baby’s room still does not have any decorative items, even because she is not yet pregnant. She and Zezé have already started treatment to get pregnant, but Graciele has not yet performed the embryo implant.

The architect responsible for the entire triplex project, Amabylle Eiroa, was also delighted when she showed the project for the finishing of the couple’s bedroom. Internet users were only praising the environment. “What luxury! I loved it! “, Commented one internet user. And another internet user said:” It was wonderful! Congratulations! “.

Project for the bedroom of Zezé di Camargo's son and the future bedroom of the couple's son

Play Instagram Graciele Lacerda and Zezé Di Camargo’s bedroom project and the future baby’s room

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