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Greedfall Is Getting Some Next Generation Content For PS5 And Xbox Series X 



Greedfall released back in 2019 and came out to ok review but didn’t get overwhelming success. It did though hit 1 million sales which is a great sales margin to hit. Now though it looks like we’re going to get more content from Greedfall. It is being reported that it will get a new version for the next generation that being the PS5 and Xbox Seires. Though it looks like we could be getting an extension. All this has been confirmed but we currently don’t have much information of what will be added to the game in the future. 

Should you go back to Greedfall? 

Greedfall didn’t start off well with a couple of bugs and kind of a generic campaign. Although the bugs are now gone and the game has been fixed. The game is still very generic. It does some things well but it just doesn’t have enough going for it. Depending on what the DLC is like, it could breath new life into this game. Greedfall did feel like you were playing a combination of both Witcher 3 and Dragon Ages and if they perfected that maybe in a DLC it could bring in more RPG fans in to play it. 

Will we get a Greedfall 2? 

It doesn’t seem likely that we are going to be getting a sequel to Greedfall. With the studio behind it Spiders are not usually known to make sequels to their games. This could change as 1 million units sold is nothing to blow off. It shows that this game did have some success. It could make the studio want to improve this game and make a sequel to see if they could do it better. If you are one the people out there wanting a sequel. Make sure you play the DLC as that could be the ticket to future games.

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