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Gretchen is assaulted by neighbors: “I will sue”



Gretchen Miranda, singer and dancer

Gretchen Miranda, singer and dancer

Photo: Reproduction Instagram / @mariagretchen

Gretchen Miranda, 63, used her Instagram profile this Wednesday, 13, to denounce the psychological and verbal aggression she has been suffering in the region where she lives in Belém, Pará.

According to the report, the dancer is constantly yelled at and insulted. The attacks would have come from employees who work in a mechanic shop next to Gretchen’s house in the capital of Pará. The reason for the aggressions is that the artist complains whenever the boys decide to perform care for third parties in front of her garage.

“I’ve tried everything, for friendship, for conversation, and it’s not working. I’ll post pictures of their sassy face if they keep serving people at my garage door,” she said.

Gretchen He also emphasized that he intends to sue the people responsible for the establishment.

“They will learn to respect the laws and learn to respect me. I’m not moving house, because I’m not moving. I don’t want anyone to stop working, but I want the freedom to come and go whenever I want.”

no inheritance

In an interview for the program My badpresented by comedian Maurício Meirelleswhich airs on TV networkthe singer said that she had already gathered her children to warn about not leaving them any inheritance.

“I’m a spender and I don’t keep anything. Sometimes I gather them [filhos] and I say: ‘Try to work, because I’m not going to leave anything to anyone. Before I die, I spend everything,” he said.

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