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Gretchen reveals her son’s serious accident outside Brazil and despairs: “Total loss”



son of the singer Gretchen, Gabriel Miranda, suffered an accident in the early hours of Saturday (16), in Belgium. The boy is an artist and had the vehicle overturned on a highway, leaving his mother apprehensive about the images.

On social media, the famous commented that her firstborn had risen from the ashes after the serious accident. “My son had an accident in Belgium, returning from a concert. His car flipped, it was a total loss, but he’s already home, okay, some bruises.



Thank God he’s doing great, we’re a very armored and strong family. We are protected by God and Our Lady of Nazareth,” Gretchen said in Instagram stories.

The singer was also on the social network of the queen of the roll to explain what happened. “It’s okay, thank God. It was more of a scare than anything else. The car is material, we can do it again. The important thing is to be whole, and health is fine. I’ve already been discharged [do hospital]I just have a slightly swollen knee, some bruises on my body”, he said.

The singer then added: “He is tired, sore. In a week, ten days, I’ll be there with him. It’s no use for anyone to do anything against us, because God and Our Lady of Nazareth are stronger than anything. He is also a phoenix, he rose from the ashes.”

Gretchen suffers from neighbors

Not long ago, Gretchen commented that she was suffering from neighbors who didn’t like her. The famous said that she was verbally assaulted several times by other residents. She, who is living in Belém, Pará, said that the situation is complicated.

“They disrespect me. They yell at me like they own the street,” she began. “This is psychological violence. They will be processed. I’ve tried everything, for friendship, for conversation, and it’s not working. I will put up the pictures of their bravado if they keep serving people at my garage door,” she said.

She added: “People will learn to respect the laws and learn to respect me. I’m not moving house, because I’m not moving. I don’t want anyone to stop working, but I want the freedom to come and go whenever I want. Without waiting for a car to be serviced.”

“From now on, there is no more forgiveness. I am a citizen, I pay my taxes. It’s my house, I pay high property tax and I won’t admit anyone doing service at her door. Here is prohibited”.

Gretchen complains about neighbors (Image: Playback / Instagram)

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