GTA Online Summer Update: New Missions – Super yacht, adversary modes, business battles & more

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Whether you want to fight in a casino or on a yacht, there’s plenty to do in Rockstar’s newest GTA update.

GTA Online Summer Update new missions

GTA Online is getting a ton of new content in the Summer Update – and Rockstar have finally given us a look at what’s to come.

Along with other areas, GTA Online will be getting plenty new missions in the Summer Update.

Here’s everything you need to know about them.


Super Yacht

The first set of new missions in GTA Online next week are based from the Galaxy Super Yacht. Players can do these new missions solo or bring up to 3 friends.

GTA Online Galaxy Super Yacht 1 1

These missions include some deep sea diving, and plenty of hi-speed action!

Adversary Modes

Adversary Modes are some of the most engaging missions in GTA Online, pitting groups against each other in different exciting scenarios.

GTA Online Summer Update Adversary Modes 1 1

The GTA Online Summer Update will bring in new Adversary Modes taking place at The Diamond Casino & Resort.

Business Battles

Business is booming in GTA Online, that is if you’re strong enough to take your cut.

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New Business Battles are coming in the Summer Update, and they’ll challenge players in some new locations for big rewards.

Summer Update

The Summer Update will be live 11 August, so be ready to dive right into the action!

gta online summer update new location heists

Along with these new missions, we’ll also get a dozen new cars to try out, and new races to build for.

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