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Gui Araújo, Day or Bil, who should stay?



After MC Gui’s Farmer’s Test victory this week, Gui Araújo, Dayane and Arcrebiano are on the farm. The least voted among the pawns will be eliminated this Thursday (25). Who should stay in the program? Participate in the Agricultural survey 2021 DCI and vote on who should stay.

Agricultural survey 2021 – who should stay?


Who has already left the Farm 2021?

The least voted will be the 10th participant to take the worst in the 2021 agricultural poll and leave the program. See the order of eliminated this season and the percentage of each:

  • Liziane Gutierrez (26.15% of the vote)
  • Mussunzinho (23.52% of the vote)
  • Erika Schneider (30.24% of the vote)
  • Victor Pecoraro (22.82% of the vote)
  • Lary Bottino (9.61% of the vote)
  • Tati Quebra Barraco (15.78% of the vote)
  • Erasmo Viana (19.91% of the vote)
  • Tiago Piquilo (26.87% of the vote)
  • Valentina Francavilla (15.38% of the vote)

How to take the R7 survey

The vote to define the eliminated participant is in the air on the Record site, the R7. To vote in the official Farm 2021 poll, go to, then click on the Farm 2021 tab. The poll will be highlighted on the page.

After checking the name and photo of the participant you want to register, simply select the option, click “I’m human” and confirm the vote. It is important to wait for the message confirming that the vote has been counted and is in effect.

The result of this week’s 2021 agricultural survey will be announced on Thursday (25). One of the roceiros will leave the competition during the program, which will be broadcast live at 10:45 p.m. (Brasilia time), on Record TV and PlayPlus.

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