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Gun Rounds is a turn-based take on Downwell set to blast onto mobile next month | Articles



Downwell is one of my favorite mobile games and I think it’s one of my most played games too. So, naturally, an upcoming release billing as “what if Downwell is turn-based?” immediately caught my attention.

This game is Gun Rounds, a cute roguelite shooter from solo developer Blabberf. The idea is that you’ll be up against enemies in turn-based combat and you’ll have to time your block to avoid damage. It feels like an interesting mix of ideas and genres, mixing together strategy gameplay, timing challenges, and even precise draws.

Each of the 4 worlds in the game is meant to be populated with distinct enemies to face. Along the way, you’ll collect new weapons to detonate, detonate, and chop them up. Some of them include a guillotine, sunbeam, and a trusty pistol.

There are also gameplay modifying upgrades for you to try out. For example, you can suddenly learn ninjutsu, summon a demonic familiar, or even clone yourself. There is clearly a lot to play here, which I have to imagine will fuel the roguelite structure well.

The money earned during each race can then be spent to acquire all of those upgrades and fancy items. New color palettes can also be unlocked, hopefully keeping the beautiful pixel art fresh, and at the end of it all comes a mysterious final boss.

The iOS and Android versions will set you back $ 2.99 which means there are no ads or IAPs to speak of. Gun Rounds will soon be available for pre-order on the App Store. PC gamers can pick up the game at, where it was also included in the ever popular Bundle for Racial Justice.

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