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Halo Infinite loses director Chris Lee in latest troubling turn



Next-gen hasn’t even started properly and we already have our first major game that is in ‘development hell’. Well, at least that’s what many Halo Infinite fans fear now that Chris Lee has surprisingly left the project.

Chris Lee 343 Industries Halo Infinite

The news comes via Bloomberg where we further learn that the long-time Halo veteran will not leave 343 Industries as a whole. But his work on Halo Infinite is over. That much we learn directly from statements from Lee and Microsoft respectively.

“I have stepped back from Infinite and I am looking at future opportunities. I believe in the team and am confident they will deliver a great game and now is a good time for me to step away.” – Chris Lee, 343 Indsutries

Chris Lee was one of the top executives on the Halo franchise ever since he joined 343 Industries in 2008. Naturally, his influence on the series and all of its releases after that time were immense. Time will tell what consequences Lee’s departure will have on the direction Halo Infinite is taking.

Obviously, the reason could be very personal as well. Meaning, Lee simply felt he worked enough years on Microsoft’s mascot franchise. After 12 years that would be understandable.

But of course, the rumor mills are already turning heavily. With plenty of concerned fans suggesting that Halo Infinite’s infamous gameplay reveal and subsequent delay into 2021 are the cause.

There’s also the possibility that Halo Infinite is going through a soft reboot in development after the abysmal reveal event. The studio previously shared the exciting news that veteran designer Joseph Staten of the Bungie era joined 343 Industries. That does give credibility to the idea of a redesign.

Nonetheless, the unfortunate delay of Halo Infinite leaves Microsoft’s upcoming next-gen consoles somewhat slim in terms of heavy-hitting launch titles.

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