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Hasbro Renews Fortnite Contract | New Epic Games, Toys, & Action Figures Incoming



Hasbro, The famous toy, action figure and game creation company, has extended its contract with Fortnite developer Epic Games! This extension acts as a five-year renewal of the original two-year agreement.

At the moment, there is no official lineup for the toys that hit the market, but there is a general outline. The future of this agreement must await new Fortnite-Inspired collectibles, action figures, and game features!

For reference to some of Hasbro’s most popular brands that May see get involved with some kind of Fortnite collaboration, we’ve already started brainstorming new toys. These are of course speculations and wishful thinking, but you can check out our list below.

  • My Little Pony (No, really. We’ll see them replace Llamas for a while. Bet).
  • Jenga (Fortnite appeal style?)
  • Transformers (It would be amazing if we saw them in the game.)
  • Forest ranger (Please, oh, please. We 90’s kids would go right in.)
  • Play-doh (Okay, maybe we’re just pitching ideas, hoping Hasbro and Fortnite consider them.)
  • Mr Potato Head (DO IT, FORTNITE. We want to see Mr. Potato Head with a bolt-action sniper.)

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What should be wonderful news for collectors of Fortnite toys and action figures, the last years have already seen Fortnite-Brand Nerf guns. Also scattered on the shelves in the toy aisles was Monopoly-thematic Fortnite board game. These toys and board games were created as part of the two-year contract between Hasbro and Epic Games in 2019.

“Hasbro’s expertise in the collectible figure and role-play segments has produced incredibly positive results for our long list of entertainment-based action brands,” said Adam Biehl, executive vice president of Hasbro, Inc. ” We have had great success collaborating with Epic Games and the Fortnite brand in recent years, and this expanded product licensing partnership allows us to offer an incredible line of Fortnite inspired toys and collectibles that we’re sure fans will be excited to experience. ”

You probably know Hasbro as the maker of very popular board games, such as Monopoly, Clue, Y Connect 4, among a variety of others. They are also a hugely influential toy maker (Nerf guns, Beyblades, and Play-Doh) and an action figure maker (G. I. Joe).

Although new Fortnite Collectibles are years apart, this new agreement gives both companies plenty of time to brainstorm and implement these toys on the shelves, in play, and ultimately in our homes! Expect to see some epic games, toys, and action figures starting in the fall of 2021!

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