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Headquarters of Aprosoja BR, Abramilho and Abrass, in Brasília, is vandalized by Via…



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The Brasilia office which houses the headquarters of Aprosoja Brasil (Association of Soybean Producers of Brazil), Abramilho (Brazilian Association of Corn Producers), Abrass (Brazilian Association of Soybean Producers), was vandalized this Thursday morning. Thursday October 14.

The protesters are part of the Via Campesina Brasil movement. arm of the MST. On Twitter, one of its representatives published a post in which she specifies that this “action is part of the National Route for Food Sovereignty which denounces the country’s agribusiness” and that it is ” a beautiful demonstration of how we should treat agribusiness “.

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There is graffiti all over the building, outside and inside, with phrases like “Out of Bolsonaro”, “agro is death” and “soy won’t fill your plate” . Paintballs were also thrown at the facade of the building – which was overrun by protesters – and several banners were hung. The whole movement was recorded and publicized on social networks.

According to Fábio Meirelles, president of Aprosoja Minas Gerais, who witnessed the departure of the demonstrators from the site and who recorded the damage, “they had metal cutters, they broke the door. For you, it is a question of knowing what is happening in the country, of what is being done within the entities of the private sector and nothing is happening (…) Total impunity ”.

Watch the video after the demonstration outside:

Abramilho issues declaration of repudiation of invasion at the headquarters of agro-representative entities

Abramilho regrets and repudiates the invasion of the headquarters of the entities representing Brazilian rural producers, which took place this Thursday (14), in Brasilia (DF), and trusts the work of local public security authorities to identify and apply the law to those responsible.

More than ever, the country’s moment demands dialogue and respect for institutions, and actions like this do nothing to overcome our challenges for national socio-economic development.

Cesario Ramalho, institutional president of Abramilho

Aprosoja-MT repudiates the action of the vandals at the headquarters of Aprosoja Brasil

The Association of Soybean and Corn Producers of Mato Grosso (Aprosoja-MT) regrets and repudiates the action of the vandals who graffiti and ransacked the headquarters of Aprosoja Brasil, in Brasilia, this Thursday morning (2:10 p.m.). The board of directors of Aprosoja Mato Grosso awaits the investigations and the measures taken by the authorities to identify the demonstrators.

“Unfortunately, we have received the news of the footage of the depredation of Aprosoja Brasil, in which Aprosoja-MT is also a member of the board. Soy is very important for our country, because it is the main source of protein for poultry, pork and cattle, that is, it feeds many people. What happened should not be repeated because if there were people inside, their lives would be in danger, not to mention that there was depredation and invasion of property. We hope that the authorities will take action and identify these vandals and that they will be punished according to the law. Justice must be done so that such facts do not happen again, and that the entities of our country are not threats ”, declared the vice-president of Aprosoja-MT, Lucas Costa Beber.

The Parliamentary Front for Agriculture issues an official note: vandalism must be punished with the rigor of the law

The Agricultural Parliamentary Front informs that it is against any act of vandalism.

Inciting social and / or intersectoral animosity is what we least need at this time when Brazil is trying to save its growth, its creation of jobs and income, to fight against hunger and poverty, amplified by the global pandemic.

It should be noted that agriculture has the best economic and social indicators in the country, with the largest generation of new jobs in the last 10 years.

The division of Brazil does not contribute to the elaboration of solutions and policies which are urgently to be built, with a view to a better future, in dialogue and security.

We are all Brazilian. We only want one Brazil: with jobs and income, without hunger!

Rep. Sérgio Souza (MDB-PR)
President of the Parliamentary Front for Agriculture

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