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“Her Porsche is gathering dust”



This Wednesday (13/10), Carlinhos Maia made Stories on Instagram, commenting on the participation of the digital influencer Marina Ferrari in A Fazenda 13, by Record. The comedian pointed out that the brunette is rich and does not need to be on a reality show with such exposure. The information comes from Metropoles columnist Léo Dias.

“I’ve been asked on Twitter why I’m not on a reality show. I am not participating because I am rich, I am already rich. Am I going to be on a reality show to show my weaknesses to a bunch of people who never gave me a loaf of bread? Me eh, ”says the man from Alagoas.

“I’m stuck with Marina, a girl who lives above my building, rich since she was a child, to be humiliated. What madness ! What are you going to get? Humiliation. When she’s there, I’ll talk to her. There’s the dust-collecting girl’s Porsche. Rich, rich, rich girl. Go there to be screwed. There are things that are not worth the trouble, ”Carlinhos quipped.

The comedian also commented on Rico Malquiades’ performance on the rural reality show. “Rico, who is in my class, who is also revolutionizing… I’m just careful because if you go too far, I’ll leave you…. As much as I love…. And there is Marina, who is not my friend, but she is a person that I like and I have always liked her posture… What do I look like? Sad, because there are two people I like here in Maceió. Instead of uniting, they fight, ”he said.

Later, Carlinhos repeats that he has no desire to participate in programs like A Fazenda. “Am I going to leave this beautiful sight while eating my couscous to suffer humiliation with chicken cackles next to me?” I know myself, guys. Don’t ask me to go on a reality show, no. Even you who love me are going to take me out next week. Me, after 30 years, to be humiliated? », She admits.

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