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here is the official trailer and location of the Metro stops



Warzone Metro – Activision has finally unveiled the official trailer of the highly anticipated sixth season of Call of Duty, which as many expected showed the first details on the Verdansk metro.

With the trailer, we have in fact seen at least seven new strategic points that will represent as many Metro stations in the next matches of the Royal Battle, with the new season that is scheduled to start on September 29th.

The protagonists of the video are the two characters Farah (founder of the Uszikstani Liberation Force, already seen in action in other CODs ) and Nikolai (one of Captain Price’s best friends, also already seen in action in previous titles of the genre), with the first intent on cleaning up enemies inside one of the metro stations, and with the second who instead took care of restarting the train which was obviously out of order.

The trailer

The new Metro Stations on Warzone

  • Verdonk International Airport
  • Verdonk Stadium
  • Gorengard Lumber Yard
  • Downtown Tavorsk District
  • Barakett Promenade East
  • Verdonk Train Station
  • Torsk Bloc

The new operator skins

There are only six days left for the highly anticipated sixth season of Warzone … are you ready for the avalanche of content to come?
The discussion, as always, is open!

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