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Here’s an availability update on Intel 11900K and where to find it in stock



It’s no secret that computer parts are hard to find right now. There are production constraints on one side of the coin, while massive consumer demand is also to blame. For PC users looking to upgrade their CPUs, now is quite a difficult time to do so. AMD’s Ryzen 5000 series has been hit the hardest by supply shortages, but Intel’s 11th Gen Rocket Lake high-end i9-11900K is also in short supply. Fortunately, you can now find the Intel 11900K in stock at some online stores.

If you want the the latest and the best From Intel and money is not an issue, the 11900K is of course the best Intel CPU for gaming. Truth be told, we can’t really recommend it due to its high price and high power consumption, but there is certainly nothing wrong with the actual performance and features it offers when configured correctly. The 11900K has eight cores reaching 5.3 GHz, plus useful features like PCIe 4.0 support. As long as you pair this CPU with an impressive cooling solution like a 360mm CLC and have a GPU strong enough not to introduce a bottleneck to the system, it will definitely push some high frame rates. The 11900K particularly excels in some titles such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, so you may find it relevant to your gaming preferences. However, as already stated, it is not cheap.

The 11900K comes with an MSRP of $ 550, which is a significant margin over the similar $ 400 eight-core 11700K that clocks at 5.0 GHz. You can learn more about the 11th Gen Rocket Lake in our 11700K review. , and we highly recommend that you do so. With that said, if you aren’t settling for anything less than the best, this is where you can get the almighty 11900K. Spoiler alert: it’s more expensive than MSRP on all of these sites.


(Credit: Intel).

Find the Intel 11900K in stock at these retailers

First of all, there is Newegg, as it is an accessible online platform that most people can use. You can get the 11900K for $ 621.99 plus a copy of Death stranded with your purchase from Newegg. This is not the worst profit margin, as you will at least get a popular game with your purchase.

Your second choice is Antonline, which is the same retailer we’ve recommended for Ryzen 5000 series CPUs. It’s a lesser-known, but reputable, dealer of various PC components and more. You can pick up the Intel 11900K from Antonline for $ 619.98. Again, there is a markup on this processor due to unavailability, but you will get three months of Xbox Game Pass for PC with this bundle.

Intel 11900k Availability In Stock

If you have the privilege of living near a Microcenter, you can also try stopping by the store in person to see if the 11900K is available. This company only makes in-store purchases to fight resellers and bots in case you were wondering.

While we’d like to see MSRP pricing, some availability is still better than none. Availability of the 11900K is expected to improve later this month.

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