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Here’s some of the best grass in PC gaming (and where to get it)



PC games look beautiful these days thanks to high-resolution textures, stylish lighting, and many other benefits of modern graphics. You can go for photorealism or for highly stylized renderings. No matter the preference, environments have certainly come a long way in the visual department, and the beauty of digital nature can be truly astonishing when you come across good sight. Have you ever thought about looking down at what most environments cover?

That gorgeous view is often complemented by countless glorious leaves of greenery. Lawn is a truly immersive aspect of digital nature that has strangely captivated graphics enthusiasts. Some might even say that a game’s art style is only as good as its turf. After all, a good implementation is not easy. The art style should suit the scene, the textures should look good, it should flow with the wind and spread as far as the eye can see (or at least as much as is technically possible). It’s even better when you can interact with the grass. On Far away we can even burn it. As much grass as we want. No matter what your opinion of the turf is, it’s good to know which games got it right. With that said, let’s take a look at the best turf in PC gaming.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Developers have been working to create compelling 3D environments for decades. We tend to get a bit spoiled these days with all the extra performance a realistic lawn allows, but it used to be a huge eye sore in many games. Bungie quickly made a name for itself with its legendary gameplay in Halo, but the graphics were second to none, too. There is nothing fancy to see in the original. Halo: Combat EvolvedBut you have to acknowledge the cleverness of how the developers implemented the turf.

Halo Combat Evolved graphics

Bungie apparently took photos of real grass and smoothed it into a 2D texture to Halo: Combat Evolved. It’s an interesting method that looked amazing at the time, but still holds up pretty well. The funny thing about this method is that it actually looks better than many other games that came years later.

Stardew valley

Many may remember when graphics were still evolving from the 16-bit days. That art style has remained popular decades later, and the simple graphics are actually a feature right now. Just take a look at how Stardew Valley does more with less. The grass does not appear tiled, has a lot of depth, simulated shadows, and even encroaches on pathways to create a pleasing aesthetic. No expensive GPUs needed here.

Stardewvalley 4 Grass

Minecraft with RTX

Mojang Studios is another example of how to do more with less. Minecraft It never set out to be the most visually stunning game, but things have changed with the introduction of ray tracing. The game’s simplicity has always been its strong suit, and the blocky pixelated graphics are somehow creating some of the best stylized landscapes I’ve ever seen.

Nvidia Rtx Minecraft Grass


If you’ve ever wanted to play Windows XP in the background, you should try Flower. Those glorious fields of greenery flow for miles and wave in the wind in a majestic way that is almost surreal. These developers clearly love nature and grass.

Flower Game Best PC Graphics for Gaming


Over 14 years ago, Crytek set out to create a game that would punish PCs for years to come. The original Crysis spawned an immortal meme on whether a player’s platform was good enough to work the game. The original Crysis It was packed with so much advanced technology that it still looks impressive even today. Upload those charts and you will be amazed at what it still achieves.

Realism is clearly the goal of Crysis, and you can see how much work the developers put into making credible scenes. Notice all the uneven patches, brown spots, and varying heights of the individual leaves. Truly amazing for its time.

Crysis grass

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games surprised people with their description of the Wild West when it was released Red Dead Redemption 2. The level of photorealism still amazes gamers to this day. The entirety of the game’s systems certainly helps to achieve the goal of a realistic turf. The way the clouds cast shadows over the fields and illuminate the ground with just the right level of glare is eerily accurate with reality. Also, notice how naturally the grass on the road wears down due to the countless cart wheels rolling over it. Hopefully Rockstar will share some of their secrets one day.

Red Dead Redemption 2 grass graphics

Genshin Impact

I admit that I have never played Genshin Impact, but the graphics have always captivated me due to the wonderful combination of style and elements of realism. The developers have been working to perfect the 3D anime style for use in video games for years, and I’d say MiHoYo has perfected it.

Genshin Impact Charts

That’s a great herb

Only the best varieties, I mean, games tend to be remembered, right? Well, it’s important to take a look at the forgotten good times to remember how far the charts have come. There are definitely more examples of awesome turf in PC gaming, but I hope you’ve enjoyed our list of what we think is one of the best.

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