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Hitman 3 February Patch Adds New Unlockable Suit, Contracts, And Various Improvements



Hitman 3 launched last month and while we loved it it certainly didn’t have the smoothest launch. Between server issues, rights to past campaign content, and other bugs, developer IO Interactive had their work cut out for them right after launch. While many issues have been addressed in the month since its release on January 23, IO Interactive has announced its first major post-launch patch that not only fixes various persistent issues, but adds more content.

The first is the Tactical Turtleneck (pictured above), which is added as an unlockable suit for all Hitman 3 players. Once you unlock it by performing the final test again in the ICA facility, it will be added to your inventory and can be used in any location allowing you to choose your starting combination.

If you own Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition or Deluxe Pack, you can access new content this month as part of the ongoing rollout. This month’s deluxe content rollout includes deluxe escalations like Proloff’s Parable and Gauchito’s Antiquity (pictured below). This patch allows all players to access Deluxe Edition content after a bug prevented some from accessing the eBook and soundtracks through their IO Interactive accounts. After installing the patch, players can visit the “Rewards” section of the IOI account profile to redeem, but IO Interactive warns that downloads can take up to 15 minutes after playing Hitman 3.

Other fixes made by this fix include additional adjustments to allow more technical improvements in server connectivity. This patch also fixes various issues related to software stability and trophies / achievements. On top of that, IO Interactive introduces new options, rules, and HUD elements to give you travel information on when Agent 47 would enter hostile territory.

Speaking of HUD, the Silent Assassin HUD, which tells you if the Silent Assassin ranking is still achievable, now has different states to let you know if you are able to reach the coveted ranking in your current game. There is also a new state that tells you when you are still able to reach that rating, but you need to clear security images to do so.

IO Interactive also fixed and modified various elements of the Hitman 3 locations, including the incorrect Arabic found in the Dubai level, a bug where bodies thrown into Dartmoor Pond were not considered “hidden”, And much more. The studio has also tweaked various parts of the PlayStation VR experience, including various HUD improvements, better smoke effects for VR, and more. If you want to read the full and detailed content of this patch, you can go here.

You can see Hitman’s full February 3 roadmap below.

The February patch for Hitman 3 is available for download now. According to IO Interactive, that’s between 2 and 3 GB on all platforms except Switch and Stadia. These platforms automatically get the latest version since they play the game from the cloud. If you haven’t gotten started with Hitman 3 and want to learn more, you can check out our online content center or review.

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