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Hitman 3 kicks off Season of Greed with new roadmap for April



Hitman 3 released its first installment of the Seven Sins DLC last week, but that was just the beginning. Greed season is here with a new roadmap for April and early May. There are plenty of new contracts, objectives, and events in store as fans celebrate the Deadly Sins expansion.

According to the Io Interactive press release, Season of Greed will bring free content weekly for Hitman 3 players. First of all, the game’s Berlin Egg Hunt event will remain strong until April 12. Players can celebrate the Easter holidays by collecting poisonous eggs at Club Hölle. Those who complete the event will have access to a special Raver outfit.

Hitman 3The first elusive target, named The Collector, will land on Dartmoor tomorrow. For 10 days only, players will have a chance to enter Thornbridge Manor and eliminate The Collector before it’s too late. Once The Collector ends on April 19, another elusive target named The Politician will appear in Hawke’s Bay on April 23 and will last until May 3. The politician has returned and is using a body double to keep himself safe. Players will have a chance to eliminate the right person.

A new Escalation will also be available from April 29. In The Jinzhen Incident, players are tasked with infiltrating the Chonqging facility to take revenge on some very greedy targets.

Finally, April and May will see the featured contracts for Two Angry Gamers and Achievement Hunter. Starting April 15, Two Angry Gamers will launch three contracts on Dartmoor and Dubai. On May 6, Achievement Hunter will bring three of its own contracts to Mendoza, Chongqing and Berlin. Each of these contracts will focus on a theme of greed.

Careful with Greed

Act 1 of the DLC Seven Sins, called Greed, released last week with a step up called The Greed Enumeration. As seen in the trailer above, this Escalation sees players collecting coins for exclusive rewards. The first round of DLC also comes with a fancy gold suit and other unlockable items.

The Season of Greed roadmap ends with a new update on May 10, bringing even more content – and more sins – to Hitman 3.

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