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Hitman 3 patch adds fixes, new Escalations, and a snazzy turtleneck



The first big patch for Hitman 3 It was launched earlier today. Patch 3.11 is maintenance-free, and once you download and install it, simply restart the game to update it. The patch is between 2 and 3 GB on all platforms. Some of the notable additions in new Hitman 3 The patch is the “tactical turtleneck”, free for all players, as well as new climbs.

The high collar can be worn anywhere that allows you to wear a suit. To unlock it, you must return to the ICA facility and complete the mission called “The Final Test”. Once you complete the mission, you will be able to enter the Danger Zone (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

If you have the Deluxe Edition or Deluxe Pack versions of the game, you will have access to two new Escalations in Hitman 3. The final Escalation, the last one for Deluxe content, is expected to launch in March. The first new climb is called The Proloff Parable, which takes place in the Carpathian Mountains.

Agent 47 will don white tactical gear like a polar version of Sam Fisher from Splinter cell. Once you complete all the Proloff stages, all the items specific to this Escalation will be added to your inventory. Prizes include The White Shadow costume, a custom white Sieger 300, and a white Katana.

Hitman 3 Patch Tactical Turtleneck Sweater

Here’s a shot of the turtleneck tactical jersey in action at Hitman 3.

The wise guru of stabbing

The second Climbing that is added is called La Antiquity of Gauchito and takes place in Mendoza, Argentina. Overcoming all of these stages will add the Guru costume, as well as the emetic grenade and emetic pen syringe, to your inventory. More new content is scheduled to be released in the coming weeks. From February 26 to March 8 a new elusive target will be added in Sapienza called “Los Engañadores”.

In addition to all the new content in this Hitman 3 patch, some quality of life changes have also been made. You can find all the technical details in the full patch notes on the official site. Hitman website. Some welcome inclusions have been added, like an updated HUD to let you know if you’re trespassing while doing agility moves, among other things. You can get Hitman 3 right now on the Epic Game Store, where it will be exclusive for one year until January 2022.

Hitman Patch 3

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