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Horizon Forbidden West Still Targeting 2021



It has been a weird time for the gaming industry with delays and a new generation started. In the middle of a global pandemic, it has been a weird year. Although it looks like the industry has taken a while to adapt with a lot of games that were meant to release in 2021 have been delayed due to the loss of time.

This includes games like Hogwarts Legacy and The Lord of the Rings: Gollum being some of the games that have been delayed. Although a lot more games have been rumoured to be delayed until 2022. Horizon Forbidden West looks to still be on track for 2021. 

It’s looking like we’re getting Horizon Forbidden West in 2021

This has come from a recent Playstation advertising through Instagram. That also mentions both Returnal and Ghostwire: Tokyo releasing this year. It was also confirmed by Playstation boss, Jim Ryan, that Horizon Forbidden West was still on its way in 2021.

These are some good signs we are still getting one of the most anticipated sequels. After the massive success of the first game. It looks like it could be one of the biggest games of 2021. 

It could be games of the year 

There are still some signs pointing towards some big games that are said to be releasing in 2021. The biggest one that has been mentioned a lot is God of War. Another anticipated game of 2021. At the moment, we don’t have many games confirmed for 2021 most likely making Horizon Forbidden West game of the year easily. Most likely being the game of the year if it’s released before November.

They will most likely still be a couple more delays this year. This could just mean that we have some amazing games in 2022 instead of 2021. That’s a lot better than getting a lot of terrible games in 2021. 

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