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Horror series, Desalma debuts on open TV ‘hidden’ by Globo· TV News



Globo announced this Tuesday (19) that it will broadcast the Desalma series on open TV. Originally produced for streaming, the attraction will be “hidden” at the dawn of the network in a special format starting October 25. The initiative is part of the chain’s strategy for Halloween week.

The attraction will air with five double episodes, always after Conversa com Bial. In total, the first season of Desalma has ten, all available on Globoplay.

Created and written by Ana Paula Maia, Desalma’s story takes place in Brígida, a fictional city in the interior of southern Brazil, where supernatural phenomena have haunted the population for decades, while witchcraft rituals promise to bring back in the world of the living souls of people who are gone.

The story, which takes place against the backdrop of Slavic mythology, spans two decades. Cassia Kis lives in The Hague, the city witch, mother of a daughter who was killed at a pagan festival 30 years ago. She has never recovered from the death of the young girl and, knowing that the party will resume, she performs a ritual to reconnect with the soul of the young girl.

The cast of the attraction also includes Claudia Abreu, Maria Ribeiro, Anna Melo, Eduardo Borelli, Nathália Falcão, Giovanni de Lorenzi and Nathália Garcia. Directed by Carlos Manga Jr.

Desalma was one of Globoplay’s biggest hits last year and has already confirmed a second season. Still no release planned, the 10 new episodes have already been recorded.

Watch the official trailer for the first season of Desalma:

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