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Hot Wheels Unleashed gets ready to race with announcement trailer



Hot Wheels is heading into 2021 with an epic announcement trailer for Hot wheels unleashed. Players will race Hot Wheels cars down the iconic orange tracks in an arcade-style racing experience. The trailer does not show any actual gameplay sequence. However, it’s easy to imagine how Hot Wheels loops, launchers, and tracks could translate into action-packed racing.

Hot wheels unleashed has a release date scheduled for September 30 for PC. It will include numerous single player modes, as well as the option to challenge friends and rivals offline and online in multiplayer races. There will also be a revolutionary track editor that will allow players to create their own unique courses.

Making a video game must be one of the best modern marketing strategies for toys. And I have a feeling Hot wheels unleashed going to sell many toy cars and tracks. Fair warning, if your kids see the trailer, they’ll want some new Hot Wheels. And much more hint.

A collection of cars

One aspect of Hot Wheels is building a running track with your cars. Another aspect is collecting all the different styles of Hot Wheels cars. In Hot wheels unleashed, you will have many opportunities to feed your addiction to collecting cars. However, different vehicles will also have different attributes and rarity levels. You can customize each of your vehicles with different aspects.

You can go to Hot wheels unleashed website to first view seven of the vehicles that you can collect in the game. Other than that, the environments, cars, and the Track Editor are still kept secret. If he Hot wheels unleashed The ad trailer was enough for you to pull out your credit card, you also pre-order the game on the website.

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