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How Does Ranked Work in Pokémon Unite?



Pokémon Unite brings the Pokémon franchise to MOBA space. With some of the most recognizable faces in the franchise congregating in this team-oriented experience. With multiple modes available to players, those interested in playing competitively can take their talents to the game’s Ranked Playlist. But it’s important to know how competitive play works in Pokémon Unite, as every game handles the competitive scene differently.

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There are six rankings in Pokemon Unite, each with several sets of classes. These Ranks (and their corresponding classes) are:

  • Beginner (Class 1-3)
  • Great (Class 1-4)
  • Expert (Class 1-5)
  • Ultra (Class 1-5)
  • Master

Each rank starts at Class 1, and the better players perform, the higher their class will climb. Losing will cause a player’s rank to fall, and winning will cause ranks to increase. After climbing through all the classes in a rank, Pokemon Unite will promote players to the lowest class of the next ranking. It’ll get harder to class up as players climb the ranks, so improvement will be necessary for those aiming to be the very best.

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