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How to Change Servers in Mobile Legends (ML)



“How to Switch Server in Mobile Legends” is a commonly searched term for players who want to switch to another server in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Players have a multitude of reasons to switch servers in ML, ranging from the experience of players in different regions playing the game to accessing events that are only available in specific regions. Unfortunately, the game decides where your server is based based on where you are, so there is no way to change your server in-game. As a result, players will have to use VPNs or other flaws to change server in Mobile Legends.

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How to change servers in Mobile Legends

There is no dedicated feature in the game that allows players to switch servers in ML. However, there are alternate options that players can use to access other servers.

Switch servers in ML using VPN

The first option is to use a VPN and create a new account in ML. The game will then save you to a location that you set up using your VPN.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can create a new account and change servers in Mobile Legends using VPN;

  1. Download a VPN. There are a wide variety of VPN apps available on the Play Store.
  2. Turn on your VPN and set the country of your choice.
  3. Go to your app settings and tap Mobile Legends
  4. Tap Clear data. Note that this will erase all of your Mobile Legends data, so you will need to download it again before signing in to a new account.
  5. Run the app again and let it download all the data.
  6. You can then start to create a new account in ML on the server of your choice.
How to change server in ML using VPN.Deleting the data will allow you to register a new account in Mobile Legends.

Players cannot use an old account to access other servers because their old account is already set to another location.

Change server in Mobile Legends in the Contests tab

Another way to change servers in Mobile Legends is to change your location in the Contests tab in the main lobby. However, this trick will only work on that specific game mode. For example, in the example below, you can only play on a different server in Conquest of Dawn. Other game modes will not be affected by this change.

Here is how you can change servers in ML using the Contests tab;

  1. Access the contest function by touching under the main hall.
  2. Tap Conquest of Dawn
  3. Choose from a variety of servers found in the upper right corner of the screen.
How to change servers in ML using the Contests tabServer option in the conquest of dawn.

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