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How to complete the Island Hopper Quests in Fortnite



Screenshot via Fortnite YouTube

Summer is here, and so is Fortnite’s summer-themed Island Hopper series of quests and challenges. Players need to participate in six different mini games featured under the Discover tab and complete challenges in-game to finish the quest. Doing so will grant the player free rewards, like a brand-new pickaxe and a backpack bling!

The Quests consists of six different challenges from six featured mini games, which include everything from prop hunt to color dash to survival. The quest is a great opportunity to take a break from the usual Battle Royale format in Fortnite and gain tons of XP and in-game rewards in the process. The following are all the games and challenges in the Island Hopper series and how you can complete them.

All Island Hopper Quests and Challenges in Fortnite

As mentioned, there are six mini games you have to participate in and complete challenges for. Here are all the mini games in the Island Hopper questline:

  • One Trigger – Collect 3000 Resources
  • Parkour Universe – Unlock three Achievements
  • Blimp Wars – Use eight Vending Machines
  • Color Dash – Unlock four Achievements
  • Ultimate Murder Mystery – Collect 50 Coins / Get 5 Melee Eliminations
  • Prop Hunt: Modern Mall XP+ – Eliminate three Prop Opponents

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One Trigger

Screenshot via Fortnite YouTube
  • Island Code: 2668-5883-1928
  • Quest: Collect 3000 Resources

One Trigger is a survival game where players need to strive to survive for 100 days in the sky and defeat the main boss. To complete this quest, collect at least 3000 resources in total. Remember, collecting resources is the main goal, so keep hitting the metal device on the platform with your pickaxe to collect as much as possible!

Parkour Universe

Screenshot via Fortnite YouTube
  • Island Code: 0111-3743-0305
  • Quest: Unlock three Achievements

In Parkour Universe, you complete different stages of parkour maps to progress the game. Players can easily unlock three achievements in the very first map, Autumn Plains. Simply complete the stage to earn the first achievement and unlock time trial. Then, complete the time trial to earn the second achievement. Lastly, find the gem in the map to complete the third achievement.

Blimp Wars

Screenshot via Fortnite YouTube
  • Island Code: 0245-9239-2638
  • Quest: Use eight Vending Machines

In Blimp Wars, players battle against enemy NPCs and other players on top of blimps. Players get coins from kills, which they spend in the Vending Machine. The easiest way to complete this quest is to buy the cheapest item in the Vending Machine eight times. Therefore, get eight kills in order to receive 40 coins, then buy eight Chili Chug Splashes from the Vending Machine.

Color Dash

Screenshot via Fortnite YouTube
  • Island Code: 0321-8998-8494
  • Quest: Unlock four Achievements

In Color Dash, you must drive your car to the designated color block in time or otherwise face elimination. In order to complete the quest to earn four achievements, players simply need to take part in Color Dash and win at least one match. Players can check the achievements board in-game to check for other achievements to unlock.

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Ultimate Murder Mystery

Image via Epic Games
  • Island Code: 0124-5841-7849
  • Quest: Collect 50 Coins / Get 5 Melee Eliminations

Ultimate Murder Mystery assigns players to the roles of Sheriff, Hunter, or Innocent. The rules is for the Innocents to stay alive while the Sheriff finds out who the hunter is and eliminates them before the Hunter eliminates the Innocents. To complete this quest, we need to either collect 50 coins or get five melee eliminations. Getting gold is far easier than getting melee kills, so we suggest collecting 50 coins. Make sure to always open the daily reward chest on the map to gain 25 coins instantly.

Prop Hunt: Modern Mall XP+

Screenshot via Fortnite YouTube
  • Island Code: 1234-1679-1165
  • Quest: Eliminate 3 Prop Opponents

In Prop Hunt: Modern Mall XP+, players seek to hide from other players disguised as props or be the one hunting down other players. To complete the quest, you need to eliminate three opponents hiding as props. Therefore, in order to complete the challenge fast, we need to spawn as a hunter. If you spawn as a prop, get yourself eliminated quickly so you can respawn as a hunter.

How to get the Macaw Darkwings Back Bling and Tropic’s Break Pickaxe in Fortnite

Screenshot via Fortnite YouTube

Completing all six quests in the Island Hopper series will grant the player exclusive in-game rewards like a new pickaxe and a backpack bling. It also includes emotes, sprays, stickers, and wraps. The following are all the rewards you will receive for completing the Island Hopper Quest.

Fortnite Island Hopper Quests Rewards:

  • Macaw Darkwings Back Bling – Complete six Island Hopper Quests
  • Tropic’s Beak Pickaxe – Complete six Island Hopper Quests
  • Tropical Infrared Wrap – Complete three Island Hopper Quests
  • Ravage Spray – Complete three Island Hopper Quests
  • Tropical Infrared Wrap – Complete three Island Hopper Quests
  • Raven Spray – Complete one Island Hopper Quests
  • GG Emoticon – Complete one Island Hopper Quests

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