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How to craft Mud Bricks in Minecraft



The Wild Update added a generous amount of features to Minecraft. You can explore two new biomes, fight and capture mobs, and craft new items and blocks. One type of block that was added was Mud, which can be formed into bricks. This may leave you wondering how to craft Mud Bricks in Minecraft.

How to get Mud Bricks in Minecraft

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To get Mud Bricks in Minecraft, you will need a crafting table and four Packed Mud blocks. You must arrange the Packed Mud into a square—this will craft Mud Bricks. You can then use Mud Bricks to craft other blocks, such as slabs, stairs, and fences.

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How to craft Packed Mud in Minecraft

To craft Mud Bricks, you need Packed Mud. This block is not found but must be crafted instead. To craft Packed Mud, you need to mix Mud with Wheat. Mud can be found in Mangrove Swamps, but this biome is rare and hard to find. This may leave you wondering if you can craft Mud in Minecraft.

How to make Mud in Minecraft

Mud is found commonly in Mangrove Swamps, but you may not be able to find this biome easily. Luckily, you can make Mud yourself. You must use a Water Bottle on dirt, coarse dirt, or rooted dirt to do this. This will transform it into Mud.

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