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How to don the disguise and strike three resonant crystals in Fortnite



Update 16.10 introduced Spire Quests to Fortnite, allowing you to experience season 6 alongside a narrative. At the same time, a large amount of XP can be earned by completing these missions and giving your Battle Pass a boost. To begin the Spire Quests, start by visiting Tarana and completing her quest line. You can then proceed to the tasks that Raz offers. The last Spire Quest requires you to don your costume and hit three resonant crystals on Fortnite.

To start the challenge, go to the Spire point of interest in the center of the map. Once there, you will have to locate the costume that is in a suitcase located to the southeast, next to a fence. Interacting with the costume will make you look like one of the Guardians who roam the Spire towers.

With the costume equipped, you’ll be ready to hit three resonant crystals. Each crystal is bright pink in color, humming, and adhering to the stone parts of the spire. Once you find a crystal, all that’s left to do is hit each one with your pickaxe.

Fortnite Don the costume

Placing the resonant crystals in Fortnite

Each crystal can be found at the base of the Spire in the northwest corner. Continue to follow the edge of the base of the spire to find another crystal on the western edge. You will find the final resonant crystal inside the building attached to the Spire on the south side of the point of interest. This is the same building where the cult artifact can be found. Once you enter the building, the glass will stick to the wall of the lower floor.

By hitting the three resonant crystals while wearing the disguise, you will successfully complete the Spire mission within Fortnite. You will be awarded a whopping 60,000 XP for your efforts, so it is definitely worth taking the time to complete.

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