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How to find Muzan in Project Slayers



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Once you’ve passed level 15 in Project Slayers, you might find yourself wanting to become a demon. In order to do that, however, you’re going to need to drink Muzan’s blood – and he can be really tricky to find.

Keep in mind that Muzan only spawns at night. The easiest way to track down Muzan is by purchasing a notifier gamepass that reveals his exact location on any given night, which will come in handy when you have to find him again for the second part of his quest.

How do I find Muzan without the notifier gamepass?

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It is still possible to find Muzan without the gamepass because he spawns in the same seven set locations every night. Even though this method involves a bit of trial and error, you will eventually find him and kickstart your journey to demonhood if you repeatedly visit these locations at night.

Kiribating Village. Exit through the gate in Kiribating Village and turn left. Run along the fence until you reach a tree at the end of the fence. Muzan can spawn at the edge of the fence.

Edge of the bridge. Go from Kiribating Village to the edge of the really decrepit old bridge. Muzan should be along the edge.

Zapiwara Mountain. Teleport to Zapiwara Mountain and then move left from where you’ve spawned. Stay away from Zenitsu. Continue straight on and there should be a cliff with a yellow tree at the bottom. Muzan spawns underneath this tree.

Kabiwaru Village. Run into the courtyard surrounded by houses. Run straight back and go into the upper-left corner between two of the houses. Sometimes Muzan will tuck himself back there.

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Butterfly Mansion. Muzan can be found just past Shinobu.

Butterfly Mansion. Head out of the gate that surrounds the mansion and run to the left, following the yellow path. You’ll see a collection of hills with short steps embedded in them. Use the steps to find Muzan.

Butterfly Mansion. From the hill with the short steps, turn right and run straight. Muzan will be under a yellow tree.

Once you’ve found Muzan, remember to speak to him instead of trying to fight. You get his blood as a reward for finishing his quest, not by beating him.

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