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How To Fix Wild Rift Login Issues January 2021



League of Legends and Wild Rift players are experiencing connection issues and errors when trying to play the game because some of the West Europe servers were down or causing players to disconnect. Riot Support fixed League of Legends errors that caused the server status to be set to “Critical”.

Wild Rift players were also encountering errors that say Connection timed out, please try again“. This message indicates that Wild Rift is having trouble connecting to the game’s servers. Currently, the status of Riot’s Wild Rift server does not indicate any issues or recent events to report. However, if players are still having issues, they can report any issues here.

Wild Rift StatusCourtesy: Riot Games

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How to fix the connection timeout error in Wild Rift

While there are several possible solutions to fix the connection timeout error, including VPN blocking and regular network issues on the player side, current connection errors are due to issues with Riot servers. Unfortunately, until Riot fixes the problem on their end, there is little that players can do on their end.

To resolve other timed out connection errors, players can use the Recent VPN Block. Riot has now blocked VPN access from larger VPN services outside of beta regions and continues to assess if additional VPN services should be added to the list. If players try to log in from outside of the Wild Rift beta test regions, they will likely encounter this error.

Players can check the status of the Wild Rift server on the Riot Games Support Page and report any issues they face using the link provided on the page. Yesterday, League of Legends EUW servers have hosted Clash games, forcing a large number of players to log in to participate. This seems to have put a strain on the League’s servers.

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