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How to get all free items in Roblox Skate Park – Soccer Mommy event



Roblox Skate Park characters on skate boards

Image via Roblox Skate Park

Following in the footsteps of music duo SOFI TUKKER, singer-songwriter Soccer Mommy (sopharela) is celebrating the release of her junior album “Sometimes, Forever” with a virtual, Roblox-exclusive listening party. To match Soccer Mommy’s indie-rock vibe, the singer has partnered with the experience Skate Park to host the main part of the event. Along with this listening party, Soccer Mommy has also brought two free UGC items that players can earn for free by following the brief guide below.

How to earn all free Soccer Mommy avatar items in Skate Park

Once you’ve spawned into Skate Park, zoom out as far as possible—this will make finding the Sometimes, Forever Cap – Soccer Mommy much easier!

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

With the camera zoomed out, look for the blue striped wall and yellow striped wall in the corner of the map. In front of these walls should be a building labeled Alberts Pies.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

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To find the Sometimes, Forever Cap – Soccer Mommy item, use the ramp that’s to the left of the building to climb onto its roof—the hat is sitting on the roof behind the chimney and can be claimed by walking into it.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

To earn the second item, the Sometimes, Forever Baseball T-Shirt – Soccer Mommy, all you need to do is listen to one full Soccer Mommy song inside of Skate Park. Once a full song has been played, the Soccer Mommy – Listener badge should automatically appear on your screen and the baseball t-shirt will be added to your Robloxian’s inventory!

Soccer Mommy Listening Party and Meet and Greet information

While Skate Park is the only experience that features free Soccer Mommy UGC items, it’s not the only one celebrating the launch of Soccer Mommy’s album! Eight Roblox experiences are teaming up with Soccer Mommy to support the release of “Sometimes, Forever” by hosting listening parties and mini meet-and-greet events. To stay in the know about when Soccer Mommy will be appearing in all eight experiences, check out the list below.

  • July 13, 2022
    • 6:00pm CT – Fairytale Life Roleplay
    • 6:20pm CT – Theme Park Heideland
    • 6:40pm CT – The Floor Is Lava
  • July 14, 2022
    • 11:00am CT – RoBeats!
    • 11:20am CT – Livetopia
    • 11:40am CT – City Life
  • July 15, 2022
    • 2:00pm CT – Color Block Tower
    • 2:20pm CT – Skate Park

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