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How to get Fey Yoshida’s Terror Case in Saber Simulator | Roblox Metaverse Champions



Fey Yoshida has left us a treasure in Saber simulator during week 2 of Metaverse Champions. Find out how to get the Fey Yoshida Horror Case (available April 21 – April 30) below.

How to get Fey Yoshida’s horror case in Saber Simulator

On Saber simulator, you smash through enemies to collect coins and crowns to upgrade your weapons and skills. The higher you go, the more damage you can deal to enemies.

Where to enter the metaverse event in Saber Simulator.

When you first join the game, there is a glowing purple portal that says Metaverse event. Stop by that portal to receive the tasks you need to complete to complete the event. The following list shows what they are.

  • Defeat 10 Plasma Golems
  • Defeat a plasma boss
  • Train up to plasma level 5

The only difficult thing about this mission is that new players start out with weapons so weak that they do so little damage that it would take literally days to complete the mission. This basically means that if you have never played this game before, you have to complete the above tasks with many other stronger players. Fortunately, the enemies are in a safe zone, so other players cannot hurt you.

Fighting a boss in Saber Simulator.

After entering the area, you must enter the circle to receive credit for any Bosses and Golems that are eliminated. You don’t have to land the killing blow. If you are in the circle when the enemy is destroyed, you will receive Plasma which you can then use to reach a higher plasma level.

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Plasma level update in Saber Simulator.

Each Golem credits you with A plasma, and each Boss credits you with Five Plasma. Each level of plasma you reach increases the amount of plasma you need to reach the next level. In total, you need 45 plasma to reach level five plasma.

Collecting Fey's box in Saber Simulator.

Once you’ve defeated all the enemies and reached plasma level five, you’re ready to collect Fey’s Terror Case. As shown in the image above, click on the Metaverse Chest next to the Trade icon on the left, then click on Pick up. Congratulations, you’ve finished your mission!

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