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How to get Fey Yoshida’s Terror Case in Waterpark Oceanic | Roblox Metaverse Champions



Fey Yoshida has left us a treasure in Oceanic water park during Week 1 of Metaverse Champions. Find out how to get the Fey Yoshida Horror Case (available April 14 – April 22) below.

How to get Fey Yoshida’s horror case at Waterpark Oceanic

You won’t have any difficulty getting Fey’s treasure in this non-competitive Roblox play. When you first join Waterpark Oceanic, you will be tasked with slide down 10 slides to get the Fey Terror case.

Fey is launching an ocean water park challenge.

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Once you have gone down 10 slides, you need to go down Fey’s slide. We’ll explain this a bit later in the guide, but first, we’d like to offer some tips for this very simple (and fun!) Challenge.

  • Have fun! These slides are surprisingly fun. Don’t think of this as routine; enjoy them!
  • Some slides don’t work. Slides in areas intended for young children do not work. You must download the full slides for it to register. You cannot go down the same slide twice, it must be ten different slides.
  • Going back works, but it’s a waste of time. The point where applicable slides are recorded in the slide count is usually at the midpoint of the slide. Running down the slides is slower than just walking up the stairs and sliding down, so you might as well ride them!
  • Go to the western theme area. Here are five slides that have starting points side by side. This is a quick way to download five of the ten slides you need!
The top of a slide at Waterpark Oceanic.

The image above shows what the start of a slide will look like. The sign next to it that says Points it does not apply to Fey’s career. All slides are only recorded as one point in Fey’s Challenge.

Slide Feys at Waterpark Oceanic.

When you finish riding 10 slides, you should Go to the back of the park (right in front of the entrance) to go down Fey’s final slide. This is the final part of this search. When you go down this extremely fast slide, you will find Fey at the end next to his Case of Terror. Get closer to the Case of Terror and you will receive the badge for completing this Metaverse Challenge!

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