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How to get Honey Tokens in Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator



Here is a complete guide on how to get honey tokens.

What are honey chips?

Like other forms of skill tokens, Honey Tokens are a central part of Bee swarm simulator How to Play. They provide players with special abilities and rewards. There are even specific tiered objectives in the game with up to 99,999 Honey Tokens that need to be collected.

How do I get honey tokens?

Read below to find out how to earn some of those coveted honey tokens for special rewards!

Method one: bees and flowers

Using bees and flowers are the easiest and most common methods of collecting honey tokens. Using bees, players will mash hives with Honey Bees to receive Honey Tokens. The most commonly used bees for this purpose are Honey and Diamond bees, as they give the best yields here.

Flowers can also be used. You’ll want to search the map for flowers to get your Honey Tokens. The bigger the flower, the better the Honey Token generation. If you use Loot Luck, your chances with the flowers increase.

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Method Two: Honey Storm, Honey Wreath, Holiday Gifts, and Defeated Mob

These are all special methods, but they are still valid. If you have already found four types of Legendary Bees, you can use them during a Honey Storm to summon the “rain” to switch from Honey to Honey Tokens.

During the holiday season, the developers add a large wreath adorned with honey. Players can use this honey crown to transform any pollen they have into honey tokens.

Holiday gifts and defeated mobs aren’t the best ways to earn honey tokens, but it is still possible. They will occasionally drop Honey Tokens in their wake. Make sure to pick them up!

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