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How to Get Metal Coat in Pokémon Go



Metal Coat is an article in Pokemon go which has two purposes. It is used to evolve Scyther to Scizor and Onix to Steelix. Currently, this is the only way to evolve these Pokémon, so many trainers with any of them in their lineup wonder how to get them.

How to get a metal cape in Pokémon Go

Evolution items are a somewhat rare item in Pokemon Go. There are a couple of methods for obtaining them, all of which are similar to the methods for obtaining any other evolution item. Still, there are two investigation missions that are guaranteed to reward you with Metal Coats.

Method # 1: Special Investigation

The two special research quest lines that Metal Coats provide will always provide you with only one of each. The specific lines of investigation that you must complete are Step four of A wave in time and Step six of Come on meltan. A wave in time is the second line of research that Professor Willow gives you, and can only be accessed by completing all steps of the research titled A mythical discovery.

Once you complete Step Four of A wave in time You will find that among the rewards is a metal coat. Fortunately, you only need one Metal Coat to evolve a Pokémon, so this should be enough!

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Method # 2: PokéStops Photo Discs

Another way to get a Metal Coat is to spin photo discs at PokéStops and gyms. It is extremely rare for a layer of metal to fall off as the disc itself rotates (less than one percent). However, if you spin at least one PokéStop every day for seven days in a row, you are awarded bonus items, one of which is guaranteed as an evolution item. You have a one in seven chance that the evolution item is a Metal Plating.

Method # 3: Gifts

The last way to get a Metal Coat is through gifts. Every friend you have Pokemon go can send you a gift a day. The more friends you have in the game, the more gifts you can receive, and the more likely one of them contains a layer of metal. This is the least likely way to find a metal coating, but it is possible!

As of now, these are the only methods available to obtain a metal cloak, as well as most other evolution items. Make sure to use it on your strongest Onix or Scyther!

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