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How to get the Adler Tortured and Rescued skin for free in Warzone



Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Y War zone Season 3 introduced new content for fans to enjoy. Greater integration between Black Ops Cold War Y War zone it took place with the liberation of Verdansk ’84. Season 3 also kicked off the beginning of an in-game event involving Adler, who had been captured by Stitch. On War zone This required you to collect three pieces of information about Adler. Upon successful completion of each challenge, you were awarded the Tortured and Rescued Adler skin for free in Warzone.

However, the Hunt for Adler event experienced problems from the beginning. Issues included untracked progress, information appearing off the map, and more. Since then, Raven Software has addressed major issues in a recent patch, but there is a silver lining to the situation. If you missed the event or a problem prevented you from winning the skin, you can now get it for free.

Claiming your free Adler skin at War zone

All you have to do to get the Tortured and Rescued Adler skin is log in to Call of Duty: War Zone during the third season. Once you are logged in, navigate to the Operators menu. You will then be greeted by your new skin when you customize Adler. The skin itself shows Adler beaten and bruised with bandages covering some of his wounds.

Since you have to make it until the end of season three to claim the skin, you don’t have to rush to make sure it’s in your inventory. Season 3 is expected to end in mid-June, so you have plenty of time. It will be interesting to see if Call of Duty: War Zone will receive more in-game events in the future. This would not be surprising given the success of the nuclear event that transitioned the game into the new season.

Warzone Adler without skin

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