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How to get the Explorer Badge in Roblox Tower of Hell



There are only seven badges in total to collect in Roblox Tower of Hell, all of which is are insanely difficult. The Explorer Badge is no exception. But that won’t stop completionists from earning each and every one.

How to get the Explorer Badge in Roblox Tower of Hell

To get the Explorer Badge in Roblox Tower of Hell, you must find and touch all 210 sections, or levels. Meaning, you must have found every discoverable level in Tower of Hell. This does not include secret levels, so avoid those levels.

Roblox Tower of Hell Unstable Pathway

Since every section is randomly generated upon startup, finding all 210 sections is no easy feat. This will take plenty of server-hopping and, most likely, a large portion of your time. We suggest using a notepad to track every level you encounter while server-hopping. In doing so, you can physically track your progress while understanding how much closer you are to completion.

For example, your notes might look like this:

  1. Hard Boi
  2. Unstable Pathway
  3. Dotted Line

Nothing fancy going on here, just an accessible visual aid to track your progress. We also recommend using a device (paper or digital) that you most frequently reference and won’t lose.

There is no confirmation that you must complete all 210 sections, so our guide operates under that assumption. However, if you want to be 100% sure you will get the Explorer Badge, then we suggest completing each section as you find them. Just expect this to take more time, as the obbys aren’t easy.

Note: The Explorer Badge is much easier to complete when using a Tower of Hell VIP server. With a VIP server, you can skip rounds at your own will, as opposed to relaunching the game every time to spawn a new section. You can even adjust the tower size if you intend on completing each section. A VIP server, however, will cost you 250 Robux.

Once you have discovered all 210 Tower of Hell sections, you will be rewarded with the Explorer Badge.

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